Check out this week's serve opportunities.

Can you help with any of the following?

Camera Volunteers

Are you skilled with a camera or are interested in getting more experience? Sign up to be on camera rotation for either service. Full training is provided and minimum involvement is once a month. Available for ages 13+ and up.

Coffee Services

Have you ever watched a Starbucks barista and thought, "I could do that..." Now is your chance! Be a part of our coffee ministry for either service. Full training is available.

Partners with the Pastors Prayer Ministry

Be a part of an ongoing intercessory prayer support team for our pastoral staff. Our staff are finding themselves under spiritual attack as we move ahead with church renewal. Sign up and get specific prayer requests one week a month.

Pre-school Volunteers

Do you have a heart for kids and some time to spare? We need volunteers to help out with the Preschoolers. Sign up to get put on one of our rotation teams.

Snow Removal

Now that winter is setting in, we need some help keeping the sidewalks clear and safe. Sign up today to get put into our rotating shovelling schedule.

Sunday Prayer

Do you have an interest in serving the Altar Ministry? Rotation schedules are available for either service.