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Discipline & Obedience

June 8

Are you in a season where you always feel like the bad cop?

Are you tired and feel like peace is lacking in your home? Maybe you’re just wanting to turn the volume down in the conversations.

In this session, we will be talking about why it’s so important to connect to our children on a heart level and some ways that we can do that.


Previous Topics

How to Thrive While Doing School at Home

In today’s world, how a child does in school really plays into the development of their identity and self worth, which also plays into the identity and self worth of their parent.

Join us as we hear a homeschool parent’s positive, encouraging, and hope-filled message to us parents who have been thrust into this new and unfamiliar realm of homeschooling.

Shame vs. Guilt

Brené Brown once said that we can change our child's behaviour on a dime using guilt and shame as our tactic, but we will kill their spirit in the process.

Sometimes we don’t even realize that we’re doing it.

During this topic we will be dissecting what real biblical conviction looks like and how we can respond to our kids in a more grace-filled way. 

Helping the Anxious Child

Do you have a child that seems more anxious during this time?

Are they constantly caught in the balance of needing to be consoled and reassured?

Join us as we chat with Jillian Levesque, a Registered & Certified Counsellor about how to bring up stressful world events with our children, particularly our ones who are more prone to fear. We will also discuss what a normal feeling of anxiousness looks like and when we need to be more concerned.

Owning Your Calendar

Does your schedule reflect the priorities of your family or does your calendar own you?

There is literally no better time than right now in our world to re-evaluate our calendars and make the most of this opportunity to re-prioritize our lives. We will be talking about how to make the most of this gift and also redefine what the term ‘busy’ really means: its deception and its destruction to the family unit.

Anger In The Home

It's not wrong to feel angry but it's an emotion that when acted upon is ultimately destructive.

This week we dissect the emotion of anger, what triggers it, and our default response to it. 

We will discuss the hope that God offers through scripture, the Spirit and His body, and the Church. 

Single Parenting & Spiritually Single Parenting

The ‘It takes a village’ mentality has both merit and basis in actual history. Did you know that in past eras and even certain cultures today, children were raised by their surrounding community of trusted adults and families, not just by their parents?

Families seem to be a lot less dependent on the community nowadays. It’s hard enough to parent in today’s world as a pair; it takes a different kind of strength to do so with only one adult in the equation. 

We also recognize that while two parents may be in the picture, sometimes only one is investing in the spiritual growth of the family. 

Single Parents & Spiritually Single Parents, we see you and we want to be the village for you. 

We will be discussing this particular facet of parenting and will be offering resources and support for those times when the load feels too heavy.